Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Whatta Restart for a Cause

It was in the year 2011, group of friends have decided to invest some time for some social cause. That decision has to lead to the formation of “TEN Foundation (TENFO)” and ICICI Bank has helped us in opening the account, creation of Standing Instructions from donors.

We had few number of regular donors who helped in organizing distribution of Note books for 2 consecutive years in 4 government schools, installing RO Water Purifiers in 3 schools and donation of 100 Blankets during a winter to a government hostel.

As we grow, in this fast paced life for career, my friends and I were moved to different places of the world which brought a break to our TENFO activities. However, there is a saying as History Repeats by itself, we are back to Hyderabad again in the career cycle.

Last week we conducted TENFO group meeting and came up few points to be implemented in the coming months and make our decision active again.

Time is the best medicine for everything and I will inform the progress of TENFO.

Meanwhile, you can also a donor to us. Just donate Rs. 10/- per month and be a proud member of TENFO.

Bank Name: ICICI Bank Limited
Account Name: TEN Foundation (TENFO)
Bank Account No. 131501000309

IFSC Code: ICICI0001315

You can also give Standing Instructions online for deducting any amount online using NetBanking facility.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Whatta Learning !!!!

Wikipedia says there are 122 major languages and 1599 other languages in India. These 122 major languages are spoken by more than 10000 people.  It's Indian culture which binds all together though so many different languages exists here.

With growing urbanization, people now are migrating to different locations across India and of course World. So, people speaking at least 4-5 languages are available at any location at anytime.

Existence of many languages within our reach is an opportunity in hand for all who can grab it. Learning as many languages as possible is a great life lesson. The more you know, the more you communicate; personal relations and connections increases which are useful in many ways.

So, the eternal question is, where this learning can start? And I feel the best point to start is when we are kids (The Future Youth of India).

Kids will definitely learn their mother tongue since it will be prominently used at home, English too is learnt as being the medium of education. Other languages may be taught by the parents like small sentences using a Google Translator or many websites which give basic to expert lessons to their kids. There are many tools in this technological advanced society now.

As kids it will be easy to learn, as they feel the fun of it and make them communicate well in their future.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Whatta a Thought !!!!!!

I am a common man, concerned always about what society feel for my actions, though society does not have time to look at me. Middle class, little educated, got a job to do to live - you know we always have lot of aspirations in life. God save the damn !!! 11 Hours of Office, 2 Hours of travel, 6 Hours sleep, definitely another 3 hours spends only discussion on the Current Affairs. Please India is my country, issues in my country are because of people like me, my friends, colleagues, near and dear and at last, not least....The Politics.... I got the right chord, when thinking about all these, I strongly determined to contest 2014 elections from my Hometown. It's just a thought now, however, society's grace I will see.....

Monday, September 16, 2013

Whatta a Book

The book starts with many students moving to nearby cities for higher education. Many people in towns and villages possess a myth that studying in a city college will fetch a good career. This book takes us through the first feelings while acquiring a job for prestige, then making it a career and finally using it to make money. It deals with the very basics of what happens in group interviews and of how acting placement consultancies are written. It also gives a glimpse of the manner in which the first day of a career is started with an induction, a training session, and so on. The book talks about surroundings, peer influence, how managers act in organizations based on their needs, and what the employees should keep in mind while working. Since employees spend most of their time in an organization, it eventually becomes their second home. We will see an employee falling in love with another employee, romance between both of them, and, finally, a break up. It describes the activities of night-shift employees, which are basically lust orientated. We also see how some employees get good ratings by buttering their bosses. Finally, Five useful tips that will help one sustain in any organization are shared in this book. The book covers a fresher’s reactions to an offer, initial fantasies about an organization, falling in love with a colleague, break ups, colleagues’ mixed attitude based on a certain situation, miracles and luck in getting offers, and concluding with a CEO’s speech on how an organization actually works.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Whatta Public

So, Congress is clean and that's the reason people Voted them to Power in Karnataka, Am I correct? Yes, mind blowing Victory of Congress with self majority proves that. No, minds of the people have stopped thinking on Politics and are busy betting on IPL, Facebook and Twitter. For several days people especially youth protested on Delhi streets for Lokpal Bill, Bringing Back the Black Money, Safety for Women (Nirbhaya Case). Even everyday, everyone is very busy in sending messages across the globe on Social Networking sites on all the scams from 2G till date Bansal's Railway Board Recruitment case. However, nothing changed, Same Congress in Government. So, what message the people of India are sending to the World, that we Love corruption, we do not want any Safety for Women, any terrorist group come and throw a bomb on us? In Democracy, we have only one weapon for change is to Vote for a Better Governance. Instead of 10 Posts in Twitter and Facebook reach out to the public in Rural areas and towns and explain them personally. God Save India !!!!!! Save Us All !!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Whatta a Method of Protest

These days we are seeing a number Protests against Government for demanding certain basics of the needy which are important for the growth of the Nation and a new trend started. Everyone going for Fast unti Death until the Government solves the demand in written.

This is not new to India, during Independence Gandhiji have shown this method, in between no one dared to do this, and now-a-days from the last 2 years again trend started picking.

Two years ago, K Chandrashekar Rao Fasted unto Death for Separate statehood for Telangana was successful to certain extent, then Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy Fasted for 7 days, 2 days for Fees Reimbursements for Students and for Krishna Water to Andhra Pradesh respectively with no fruits bearing.

Then, the Big ones Anna Hazare demanding for Lokpal Bill was successful till setting up the Drafting Committee, the result we need to wait and see.

Now new one Joined the Bandwagon Baba RamDev with Three Demands, Mainly Blackmoney in Foreign Countries Banks Back to India and need to be declared as India's Treasure, however, Baba was taken into custody around 3 a.m in the morning and protest is broken.

In Future, we are here to witness so many other such incidents.

Whatta a Foundation

Hello Friends,

At last, My friends and I started our Foundation Named TEN Foundation (TENFO) in Hyderabad for Supporting Rural Education and Health.

Please Donate any amount possible to you all.
Bank Nane: ICICI Bank Limited
Account Name: TEN Foundation (TENFO)
Bank Account No. 131501000309
Branch Name: Malkajgiri

You can also give Standing Instructions online for deducting any amount online using NetBanking facility.

Thanking all for your Support for a Cause