Friday, August 29, 2008

Whatta A Reality

"Somehow I do not understand people around me, because no one acts truly. Everyone wants to impress someone, praise someone by expecting something from them, there is no reality in this World. People are living without any Morals and Values set for them. If someone is good at something, they make him/her a Hero, expecting them to call them, remember them. The person who is made Hero above also after understanding that his/her status among the people, started acting as if they are the only Heroes existing in this World."

"The whole purpose of living is lost, there is no one Real here, everyone wants to be a prototype of someone who achieved something. Why don't people understand that they can also do something to become a Hero, instead of praising someone and expecting something from them."

"Everyone need to understand that, they got a hidden talent in them. Need to recognize that and work towards it to become a Hero by themselves."