Monday, September 16, 2013

Whatta a Book

The book starts with many students moving to nearby cities for higher education. Many people in towns and villages possess a myth that studying in a city college will fetch a good career. This book takes us through the first feelings while acquiring a job for prestige, then making it a career and finally using it to make money. It deals with the very basics of what happens in group interviews and of how acting placement consultancies are written. It also gives a glimpse of the manner in which the first day of a career is started with an induction, a training session, and so on. The book talks about surroundings, peer influence, how managers act in organizations based on their needs, and what the employees should keep in mind while working. Since employees spend most of their time in an organization, it eventually becomes their second home. We will see an employee falling in love with another employee, romance between both of them, and, finally, a break up. It describes the activities of night-shift employees, which are basically lust orientated. We also see how some employees get good ratings by buttering their bosses. Finally, Five useful tips that will help one sustain in any organization are shared in this book. The book covers a fresher’s reactions to an offer, initial fantasies about an organization, falling in love with a colleague, break ups, colleagues’ mixed attitude based on a certain situation, miracles and luck in getting offers, and concluding with a CEO’s speech on how an organization actually works.
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