Friday, January 2, 2015

Whatta Learning !!!!

Wikipedia says there are 122 major languages and 1599 other languages in India. These 122 major languages are spoken by more than 10000 people.  It's Indian culture which binds all together though so many different languages exists here.

With growing urbanization, people now are migrating to different locations across India and of course World. So, people speaking at least 4-5 languages are available at any location at anytime.

Existence of many languages within our reach is an opportunity in hand for all who can grab it. Learning as many languages as possible is a great life lesson. The more you know, the more you communicate; personal relations and connections increases which are useful in many ways.

So, the eternal question is, where this learning can start? And I feel the best point to start is when we are kids (The Future Youth of India).

Kids will definitely learn their mother tongue since it will be prominently used at home, English too is learnt as being the medium of education. Other languages may be taught by the parents like small sentences using a Google Translator or many websites which give basic to expert lessons to their kids. There are many tools in this technological advanced society now.

As kids it will be easy to learn, as they feel the fun of it and make them communicate well in their future.

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